Rocheskey’s Keys to Drive offers you the services you need in order to stay safe on the road and feel confident in your ability to drive, no matter what age you are. Been driving a long time and forget how to perform certain maneuvers? We have a solution! Never been behind the wheel before? We have a solution! Want to feel more confident in your ability to drive? We have a solution! We all need to brush-up on our skills here and there; so allow us to help. Call us today to find out more information and our current rates for this service!

Rocheskey’s Keys to Drive will work around your schedule in order to help making learning to drive less of a hassle on you. We provide door to door service which means we will pick you up in our car and drop you back off at no extra charge! You can expect our cars to be dual-controlled, air-conditioned, clean, and well maintained. Plus, Keys to Drive is currently the only driving school in the area to have cars equipped with a backup camera, which is now allowed for the test!

*this will come at an extra charge