Why We Do What We Do

The mission of Rocheskey’s Keys to Drive school is to offer affordable door-to-door service from patient, highly qualified professionals to students of Ocean County, Atlantic County and Burlington County. Training drivers to function behind the wheel in a caring and re-assuring environment allows students to learn crucial skills necessary to not only pass the driving test but be safe lifelong drivers.

The Best for the Job

Discover your true potential and get the skills to allow you to pass the test, the FIRST time. As the test changes, the company changes. Our car is currently the only car in the area equipped with a backup camera that is now allowed to be used on the road test. Drivers will have the opportunity to take the car they've practiced with to their road test to ensure a more comfortable feel when testing.

Happy Customers

After leaving Rocheskey's Keys to Drive, all the customers feel ready and able to conquer the road test. They are taught the safe way to drive in order to be successful in a dangerous world. Many of our clients recommend our services to their friends and family because of their overall satisfaction with our company. Don't waste your time getting mediocre services elsewhere, get all your driving needs at Keys to Drive.

Studying for the Test

Our instructors will provide you with practice material and study tips and tools to help you pass the written form of the test. As part of the package, your first trip to the DMV will be supplied to you, free of charge. Every trip to the DMV to retake the written test will be provided to you at an extra fee.

Obtaining and Validating Your Permit

Our instructors take you up to obtain your permit and bring you up on the next session to get it validated by the DMV. If you are under 16 years old, this is the only way to receive a permit before you are 17. For those 17 years and older, you can choose to exercise your right to obtain a permit yourself, or we can provide this service to you at no extra cost.

Skills for Driving

Our instructors know what it takes to be successful on the road test and to continue to be safe drivers on the road. Over the course of your six hours, you will learn necessary skills for driving, including but not limited to: Physical Skills, Turning, Residential Driving, Traffic Conditions, Highway, Road Test, and Road Test Skills.

Who We Are? Meet Our Instructor!

We believe in the quality of our instructors over the quantity, allowing you the most comprehensive, educational learning experience.

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The Services We Offer

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Practice Tests

There is no such thing as too much practice. Get practice questions based off of questions you can expect to see on the written test.

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